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sofia’s first portraits

My sister and her partner just had another baby! But since they live in Northern California, and with my crazy schedule, I wasn’t able to be there when she was born. So, I finally just made time to fly up there for a day to visit and see the baby, and of course shoot some portraits.

Sofia cooperated beautifully. My sister was saying that she hadn’t ever been so awake before. I was amazed at how she had her eyes open the whole time.

We ended up shooting almost everything in one room. You can really do a lot with just a simple room and fortunately some great light from the huge windows.

Congratulations to Susan and Cristina!

Click here to view the slideshow in HD.

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I had the opportunity to do a portrait session of the principal harpist for the San Diego Symphony.

I love doing portrait sessions with enough budget for professional hair and makeup, fabulous locations, and of course a beautiful model.

Hair and makeup: Paula Mayer

Location: The U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego, CA






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My first blog post of 2009!? It’s been too long.

I shot Angela and Tim’s wedding a while ago and now they have a baby boy!

When I tell people about newborn portraits in the hospital, most people just don’t see the point. They think a hospital room is not the most attractive place for photos. Of course both mom and dad are not usually looking their best having just been through a LONG day or night or both.

But when they see the photos, there’s just nothing like it. Certainly light years better than all the phone-camera photos sent out! Plus, a newborn really only looks like that for a few days so you really only have one chance to capture a brand new baby.

So I am basically “on-call” until the baby is born. Then I go to the hospital, take the portraits, and then rush home and get them processed and posted within a day. This way the parents have some great photos to share with their friends and family instead of the low quality photos most people send out.

Another new feature for 2009 is full high definition video mixed in with the still photos. As you will see, the video really adds a whole new dimension to the slideshows. You get the best of both worlds!

See the high def version of the video/slideshow here. (it’s much better than the size below.)
(The password is the mother’s first name, all lower case. Not too hard to figure out from this blog post!)

Congratulations to Angela and Tim!






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say hello to jack

I have been way behind in posting family portraits. I shoot a lot fo them, but never seem to have the time to put all of them on the blog. But I figured it was about time so you can see something else besides weddings…

I shot Beckie and Eric’s wedding back in April 2007, and it’s always great when couples have me back to shoot their family portraits. We just did the portraits in and around their house.

What a cute baby! Congratulations to Beckie and Eric.









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If you’ve read much of my blog, you have heard Emily Smiley’s name mentioned many times. She is one of the best wedding coordinators in San Diego.

For the last few weddings, she has been very pregnant. In fact, at the last one I thought she might go into labor during the wedding! Fortunately she didn’t. I was still amazed that she was working at all, let alone running around working 12 hour days at her weddings. But since we usually book weddings more than a year in advance, there’s no way to know that she would be 9 months pregnant at all the weddings she booked!

But since the birth of her second son was going to happen soon, she asked me if I could come to the hospital to shoot some portraits of her newborn son. I was honored to do it especially since Emily knows a LOT of photographers!

Well, I got the call on Monday night and went to the hospital the next day for some portraits of Carson.

When I arrived at the hospital, I could hear Emily talking on the phone. But it wasn’t a personal call, she was calling vendors and making arrangements for her upcoming weddings. Less than 24 hours after giving birth, she’s working from her hospital bed! Now that’s dedication. That’s the coordinator I would want to hire to work on my wedding…

Here’s the first scene I saw when I entered her room:
(The baby is in the bassinet sleeping.)


Here’s a few more photos:





Click here to see the slideshow. 

Congratulations Emily, Trent and Wyatt!


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jan’s maternity portraits

Jan was a bride’s maid in Julie and William’s wedding I shot a couple years ago. Now she’s expecting her first child. She called me to find out about scheduling newborn portraits and I mentioned to her that she should do some maternity portraits.

Thankfully she and her husband decided that having photos of Jan during this amazing time in their lives would be a great idea.

Many times, expectant mothers don’t usually feel the most photogenic or looking their best when they are pregnant, but once they see the photos, they are so thankful for capturing their beautiful belly!

Jan was a perfect maternity model. She was very relaxed and looked great. Maybe it was because she’s been lucky enough to have an easy pregnancy.

If you are interested in getting maternity photos done or aren’t sure if you should do it, please give me a call. You will be glad you did.

Here’s a few shots from her session:


(click on the thumbnails below for a larger view.)



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